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Welcome to Year 7/8 Drama











Little Shop of Horrors  2014


Welcome to Monbulk College's Year 7 and 8 Drama class. In this class we hope to have fun, as well as learn some basic performance skills that you can use when presenting to groups or furthering your exploration of Dramatic Arts here at Monbulk. This website is a companion to our course on stage, and we will have worksheet downloads as well as practical resources that we will use throughout the semester. Remember, despite the exsistence of this website, you are expected to bring a notebook and a pen to class!! Though I will not require that you keep log entries, you will be expected to take notes on many things which will be covered on periodic quizes. 


Week 1:


During week one we'll talk about the stage and the different areas and terminology that you will have to learn when you navigate the area while performing. Here is a video that we'll look at during the first class. There will be a quiz on this material so take notes!





















Practical Exercises for Week 1 (3 Lessons) : The Talk Show

(Goals: Spacial awareness, Awareness of Expressive Skills, Awareness of course specific language.)














  • First we must make a list of rules that we will abide by in the coming semester. These rules will be guidelines on how we are to behave in class. The number one rule for the class will be...NO PUT DOWNS. Getting up on stage for some people is one of the scariest things they can do, so we must make sure to be supportive to all those who work on stage. Your assignment in class is to make a list (with your partner) of rules that we will all follow during our time in drama. We will list these rules from students and vote on which ones will make the top ten. We will copy these rules into our notebooks. 

  • We will be learning a few new warm up games that will help with our concentration and free us up to do dramatic and physical improvisation.

  • In our class I am going to pair you up with another student and you are going to introduce them as if you were hosting your own TV Talk Show.

  • We're going to talk a little about three things to remember when you're speaking on stage. Posture and noticing how this can effect breath and voice. Voice and how to project your voice to the rear of the "house". MOVEMENT and elimanating distracting movement when speaking and finally, EYE CONTACT and how to create the illusion of eye contact on stage (without freaking yourself out!).

  • Your going to be asked to create a name for your talkshow and write at least five facts about the person you are going to interview on stage. One of these facts will have to be a lie. 

  • Each team of two must rehearse their introduction of their special guest. You may reveal the five "facts" about your guest in the introduction or (for extra points) make up a pretend interview where your guest reveals the five "facts". 

  • Each person has a chance to be the host. 

  • The audience gets to judge which of the 5 facts are a lie. (Chocolate Oscars for the team that fools the audience!)

  • The grades will be based on how well you can incorporate MOVEMENT, EYE CONTACT and VOICE in your presentation. 

  • You also must learn how to lie a bit!

  • Most of all, this is about getting on stage and having a go! Nobody who gives it an honest try will be marked down. For some folks this will be easy, for others this will be hard. This lesson is about learning how to be on stage and being aware of how you can control the perceptions of an audience by simply using expressive skills. 

  • Here are questions that I want you to answer...


  1. How did it feel to be on stage?

  2. What would you do to improve your performance?

  3. How do you think you did in the areas of movement, voice and eye contact?














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