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Week 6: Essay Preperation


In this week we will go over (again) the structure you will have to use when completing your essay CAT in week 7. Here, once again, is the structure for text essay.



Paragraph 1​

1.    Start with the title of the essay. Make a mind map of points to persuade and evidence.​

2.    In your first sentence...write the Contention or Thesis Statement. Example:   "Children should be allowed to have mobile phones."​

3. List points that you will be talking about in the essay.​

4. Link to your first point.​


Paragraph 2​

1. Topic: Start in your first sentence naming the point you will be discussing in this paragraph.​

2. Example: Site an example and explain why your point is correct.​

3. Evidence: Site evidence proving your point. This can be statistics, anecdotal, quotes or simply real life examples or observations that support your case.​

4. Link: Link to the next point you will be talking about.​


Paragraph 3​

Same structure as above!​






Paragraph 4​

Same structure as above!​



Paragraph 6​

1. Restate your Contention.​

2. Using different phrasing, touch again on each one of the reasons for your contention.​

3. Conclude and sum up your argument (many times it pays to use a quote). ​


You will be allowed a A4 size "cheat sheet" (hand written) with quotes and a copy of the text during the test.


Video Reviews

Here are some review videos for Romeo and Juliet:


Try this one from "Thug Notes" and two others that review quotes and the storyline of Romeo and Juliet...















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