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Week #3: Romeo and Juliet



Session #1: Assignment


Due Monday August 10th


Use this project as an opportunity to explore Shakespeare's Life and Times.

Choose one of following three options:


  1. Romeo and Juliet Reading Quilt!


Romeo and Juliet is told in a series of scenes, which gives the reader a unique picture or quilt of the character's lives and personality.


Your assignment is to  create a collage style quilt that notes the THOUGHTS and EVENTS relating to the main characters lives and personalities.


There are 2 parts to this project:


Part 1:

Your quilt MUST consist of 10 to 15 images. These images can be literal or figuative pictures and images images that Shakespeare develops throughout the play. The more thoughtful and analytical your images are, the more points you will recieve. You must include the title and the author and one image that relates to Shakespeare. Your quilt can be made of what ever materials you deem worthy.


Part 2:

To go with your quilt you must provide a written explanation of the images. This portion of the project will provide the lines from the play that inspired your chosen images and a brief explanation (5-7 sentences) of the meaning and importance of the image to play. You will provide the lines and explanations for each image on your quilt.


Option 2:  Romeo and Juliet "The Comic Book"


Create a comic book dipicting the various scenes from each act of the play. Your book should portray at least 10-15 significant sections of the play. 


You must include dialogue or inner thoughts of the characters using contemparary English. You may create original artwork or use computer generated images. Your comic book can be any size.


Be sure to bind you book and create a cover.


Option 3: Romeo and Juliet: The Newspaper!


Create a newspaper including articles and other creative pieces that would appear in a newspaper. Articles should be well written and should protray 5-10 significant sections of the play. Make sure that you include pictures and other visuals. 


The newspaper shoulod be four sides. (A3)


Please see me for a copy of the rubric if you need it!


Act 2 Scene 6:


Romeo and Juliet meet at Friar Lawrence's cell to be married.



















The Friar says,.."the sweetest honey/ Is loathsome in its own deliciousness." What advice is he giving the couple?


Act 3 Scene 1:

Benvolio tries to persuade Mercutio to return home as the Capulets are nearby and he fears a brawl. Mercutio responds by joking that Benvolio enjoys brawling. When Tybalt arrives, looking for Romeo, Mercutio insults him and they are about to fight as Romeo enters. Romeo refuses to fight Tybalt, and Mercutio, amazed and disgusted by Romeo's actions, fights instead to protect Romeo's honor. When Romeo tries to hold him back, Tybalt kills him. In fury Romeo kills Tybalt and flees for his life. The Prince arrives and as a punishment, banishes Romeo from Verona.






































Session #2: Act 3, Scene 2:


Now married, Juliet waits for Romeo to come to her. The Nurse enters, overwhelmed by grief, and she leads Juliet to believe that Romeo is dead. Eventually the Nurse explains that Romeo has killed Tybalt, and has been banished from Verona.



















Here's Mr. Bruff's Analysis.




















  1. At the start of this scene, what does the audience know that Juliet doesn't?



Act 3, Scene 3


Romeo is overcome by grief at being banished from Juliet's presense, and he hides in friar Lawrence's cell. Here he argues with the Friar about how bad his circumstances are. When the Nurse arrives, she tells them of Juliet's similar grief. Finally, the Friar give Romeo reason to hope and sends him away to comfort Juliet.




















  1. Why do you thnk that Romeo uses the word "banished" so many times in this scene? Why would he rather be dead than banished?

  2. Friar Lawrence critisises Romeo for being unthankful. For what things does Friar Lawrence say Romeo should be thankful?

  3. While Friar Lawrence are talking, there is a continual knocking at the door. How does the knocking at the door increase the tension in the scene?



Session 3 and 4:


Act 3 / Scene 4:


Capulet promises Paris that he can marry Juliet on Thursday, in just three days.
















  1. Why do you think Capulet only wants a small wedding?

  2. Throughout the scene as we hear Capulet speaking, the size of the wedding grows from "a friend or two" to some half dozen friends". In later scenes it grows even further. What does this tell you about Capulet's character?






















  Act 3/ Scene 5:


Romeo has spent the night with his wife. He reluctantly bids farewell to Juliet, even though they don't want to part. Romeo must run from Juliet's bedroom, as he is banished from Verona and the penalty is death. 

Juliet's parents inform her of her upcoming wedding to Paris. Juliet protests and a heated arguement takes

place, as Capulet threatens Juliet. When the Nurse sides with her parents, Juliet is heartbroken and goes to Friar Lawrence for advice.































  1. How do Romeo and Juliet feel about parting? Give evidence from the scene.

  2. Why do you think that Juliet tells her mother that she wishes Romeo was dead?

  3. How does Juliet's father respond to her refusal to marry Paris? Why do you think he reacts this way?



Act 4/ Scene 1:


Paris discusses with Friar Lawrence his plans for marrying Juliet. Juliet enters, hiding her distress and avoiding answering Paris's questions. Paris leaves. Juliet tells the Friar her problem and she then threatens suicide. Friar Lawrence designs a plan where Juliet will drink a poison that simulates death for 42 hours. After this, the Friar will reunite Romeo and Juliet so they can live "happily ever after". 






























Hyperbole: Involves using deliberately exaggerated statements to prove a point. It is a figure of speech and is not meant to be taken literally. If you scream, "Its the end of the world!!!!" Its not literally the end of the world, but we know what you mean: you are deliberately exaggerating to let us know you are upset.


  1. Quote some words or phrases that are examples of Juliet using "hyperbole".

  2. What is Shakespeare showing about Juliet's state of mind by using such hyperbole?

  3. What is the Friar's plan? Use quotes.



Session #5


Act 4, Scene 2


Juliet returns from Friar Lawrence pretending to be the "obedient daughter". Happy about his daughter's change of heart, Capulet busies himself around the house, preparing for the big wedding.





















  1. What is Capulet's view of Juliet early in the scene? Do you think his view of Juliet changes during the scene? Provide evidence.

  2. What form of deceit takes place in this scene?

  3. What likable qualities does Capulet display in this scene?




Act 4, Scene 3


Juliet goes to beds. She debates with herself on whether to drink the potion given to her by Frair Lawrence.




















  1. What reason does Juliet have to believe that the Friar would poison her?

  2. Why do you think Juliet asks so many questions of herself in this scene?






Week 5
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