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In your response you should:

refer directly to both the written playscript and the play in the performance

• use appropriate theatrical language, terminology and expressions.

Select two stagecraft areas other that acting that you think were a major influence on the way "Other Desert Cities" was interpreted in production. For each one, give four examples how each one contributed to the MTC's interpretation.

What theatrical style is implied in the written playscript? (Give examples to support your answer)

What is the cultural, historical and social context of the playscript? (Give examples to support your answer)

Evaluate how the theatrical style(s) implied in the written playscript was (were) interpreted in the performance.

You may also go to Page 80,81 in Acting Smart and look at the "Key Skills Check" worksheet.

You should also go to Moodle and download the PDF of the 2012 Theatre Studies Exam. I have put a copy there for you to look at!

Last 4 Weeks: Prepare for Development Audit and SAC.

Here is the timetable for rehearsals and SACs for VCE Theatre Studies. Download it here!​​

You also should be showing me your folios during this time. I will give you input that could be very valuable when considering your final assessment. Remember the criteria that you will have for folios:

  • Complete documentation of meetings and rehearsals

  • Evidence of the Production Planning process including: annotated sketches, multi-media, ideas (illustrated) for set pieces, research of the play and its characters.

  • Neatly presented.

  • Reflections on each period of production...planning, development, production, evaluation. Here are some questions to help reflection.


 How was the theatre style used in production shown in your area of stagecraft?

What initial ideas and concepts did you have when you first read the play?

How did those concepts change due to the constraints of production?

What problems did you experience in each phase of production and how were they dealt with?

What issues were solved during meetings with your working group? How were they solved?

 How did the social, historical and cultural contexts of the playscript effect your aspect of production?

What documentation can you provide of your work during different phases of production?

What are the previous productions of this playscript and how does yours differ? (Be specific)


Here are the questions that you will have to answer for your development audit!

List 6 main ways in which your two areas of production is influencing the production of this playscript to the audience.

Provide 6 examples of how you consulted with others to make specific stagecraft decisions at this stage.

Look again at the definition of  "development" stage in your text. Provide two specific examples (be specific and site evidence) of the work you did at this stage of the process that clearly shows your understanding of the nature of this particular stage of production.

Be specific. Each question should be answered in essay format and you should answer these questions completely!!!! (at least 2-3 paragraphs per questions). 


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