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Week 2: Romeo and Juliet



Week 2

Session 1:































Read Act 1 Scene 4:


Mercurio tries to convince Romeo to come to the Capulet’s feast. He mocks Romeo’s belief in dreams and love in the Queen Mab Speech.




  • What is Mercutio trying to convey to Romeo about dreams?

  • What does the speech reveal about Mercutio?

  • Why is Romeo content to carry on despite his feeling something will go awry?

































Read Act 1 Scene 5:


Capulet welcomes the masked revelers and invites them to dance. Romeo notices Juliet among the guests and instantly falls in love with her. Tybalt notices Romeo and informs Capulet of his presence offering to remove him. Capulet allows Romeo to stay in order to preserve the peace. Meanwhile, Romeo has located Juliet and the couple kisses.


  • How did Lord Capulet force the young ladies to dance with him?

  • Who recognizes Romeo’s voice at the feast and becomes furious because he is allowed to stay?

  • Who first tells Romeo and Juliet who the other is?




300 word project is due on Thursday.



Session 2:


Reading and understanding Romeo and Juliet.


















Act 2/ Scene 1:  Benvolio and Mercutio look for Romeo on their way home.


  • Quote a line or phrase that shows Romeo recites too much poetry.

  • When Mercutio says he must go to his “truckle bed” what is he complaining about?















Act 2/ Scene 2: Romeo and Juliet meet at a balcony and express their love.


  • When Romeo first sees Juliet in Act 1 Scene 5, he compares her with light, claiming she is like a torch that lights the room. At the beginning of this scene, how does Romeo take the comparison one step further?

  • According to Juliet, how important is someone’s name?

  • Who is the first character to mention the idea of marriage?

  • What point does Juliet make about names?



Session 3/4:










Act 2/ Scene 3: Friar Lawrence and Romeo talk about Romeo's encounter with Juliet. Romeo asks Friar Lawrence to marry them. The Friar sees this as a possible ways to stop the fueding between the two families.


  • How does Friar Lawrence react about Romeo no longer being in love with Rosalind?

  • What is Friar Lawrence's motive for marrying Romeo and Juliet? (Show and quote evidence!)

  • Do you think that the Friar is being too hasty in marrying the couple?


Act 2/ Scene 4: 

Benvolio and Mercutio discuss the fact that Tybalt has challenged Romeo to a duel. Mercutio jokes that Romeo is so woundecd by love he will not be able to fight. Romeo arrives and while he is joking with Mercutio the Nurse enters and asks to speak to him. The crowd makes fun of the nurse, then the Nurse asks Romeo if he truly loves Juliet. Romeo reassures the Nurse of his love. He asks the Nurse to deliver a message to Juliet. She is to meet with him and Friar Lawrence, where they will be married. 


  • Why does Tybalt believe that Romeo will not be able to stand up to Tybalt's challenge?

  • When Romeo arrives, he and Mercutio joke for a while. Why does this make Mercutio happy?

  • Mercutio's language is playful when he makes fun of the Nurse. Find examples of the (a) refering to the nurse. (b) describes the Nurse as old.

  • Alliteration is using the same sound at the beginning of a group of words together, such as: "big, baby,buggy,bumpers". Can you quote a use of Alliteration in this scene?



















Session #5:












Act 2/ Scene 5:


In Act 2 Scene 5, Juliet is frustrated when the Nurse teases her, anxious to hear news from Romeo. Eventually the Nurse tells Juliet of Romeo's plan to marry. She is overjoyed. This is a lovely scene and shows the history between the Nurse and Juliet, niether are aware that their relationship will soon end.








  1. What excuses does the Nurse give Juliet for not giving her the news right away?

  2. What contradiction does Juliet point out in the Nurse's words and behaviour?

  3. What is Juliet's state of mind during this scene and how does Shakespere show this?

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